There are a few ways we can do this:

Non Invasive Leak Detection is an effective pipe assessment technique that can be used to detect pipe leaks without having to excavate the pipe. This method involves using nitrogen gas to freeze a section of the pipe and inserting specialized equipment into the pipe to detect leaks. The nitrogen gas creates pressure in the pipe and helps identify areas where there may be corrosion or damage causing a leak. The equipment inserted into the pipe will also measure any water flow through the pipe, allowing for a more accurate determination of how much water is being lost due to a leak. This technology can also help locate other issues, such as tree root intrusions, joint misalignment, cracks, and defects in materials used during installation. This technology can save pipe owners time and money by eliminating the need to replace pipe sections or repair pipe damage. Non Invasive Leak Detection is a cost-effective way to identify pipe issues before they become major problems quickly.

This method relies on acoustics to determine location. You may be familiar with the term “sonar” in association with underwater navigating. The technique measures the speed of sound as it moves through the water in your pipelines and can identify where a leak is with pinpoint accuracy. This method of leak detection is particularly useful in buried pipes or pipes that are difficult to access.

To test for leaks and other plumbing issues, we inject a thick white vapor into the drain pipes or sewer lines. Once the pipes are filled with the vapor, it will start coming out of problem areas. Using this smoke testing method, we can easily see any problems that you may have in your plumbing. By using smoke testing to look for odor problems and leaks, you can catch minor issues before they become major issues. You can preventatively protect your home from future damage caused by plumbing issues.

Technically, thermal cameras aren’t able to see water leaks, but they do detect subtle temperature differences, explains the Department of Energy. This allows the cameras to be used for both air leak and water leak detection services. In the case of a water leak, the moisture creates a temperature pattern difference that’s evident on the camera’s screen. The images can show water leaks around a foundation, in a wall, or the ceiling.

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